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A bit about Helen

My name is Helen Scott. I live in Manchester, UK and have been working as a holistic therapist since 2012. I am passionate about helping people live the best lives they can, finding their path which brings them most joy and fulfilment. I believe by helping ourselves move into a better place, then this begins to ripple out into the world around us, and we can be the change we want to see.

I grew up in Kendal, on the outskirts of the Lake District where I was surrounded by nature. I then moved to Salford to study for a degree in Performing Arts. This, without me realising, began my study of how humans tick and all the complications and contradictions we hold. I loved living in Manchester and being part of a creative community and decided to make it my long-term home.

My journey into becoming a therapist began in my early 20’s where my perspective shifted, and my intuition woke up in quite a big way. It took me many years to understand what was happening, using my discernment to hone my new awareness into something I could use as a gift, rather than an overwhelming sensitivity. Also, during this time, I developed M.E, often known as chronic fatigue syndrome. This began my journey of trying to get better and I tried many different therapies, some of which were incredibly helpful, some damaging. This spurred me on to find safe effective therapies to train in to help others.

Having such an illness can lead you to really focus in on your whole system of yourself. Body, emotions, mind, and your spiritual side. I began to understand how your whole system’s balance can affect different aspects of yourself, and as someone who is affected more acutely, I began to really look at my health holistically (holistic means whole.) My body truly became my textbook. I also began to develop my spiritual life by trying different forms of meditation and self-healing techniques, learning to connect to nature more deeply and relearning my perspective on what it means to be human.

Learning that we will always have human emotions, anxieties, fears, shame, worries etc, however we can find ways to move through and learn from them with more intention and supported by the tools we have available. I still sometimes experience health worries, anxiety and overwhelm, however I am much more conscious of how to overcome these issues, so they become little blips rather than deep holes! As well as my own practice, I have regular therapies myself, of various kinds, to keep myself in balance so I can be the best therapist I can. I take the responsibility of my role seriously as well as loving what I do!

I also learnt that as a society, we have lost touch with our connection to nature and her rhythms. As I began listening to my bodies own pace, and following the seasons and cycles of nature, and my own rhythms such as my hormones cycle,  I began to find my own balance. By observing nature and recognising my part within her, my life began to make a lot more sense, and I began to let go of societies grinding ticking clock and replaced it with the turning wheel of the earth’s year.

I then began to train in holistic therapies, eventually becoming qualified and began working at Healthy Spirit in Didsbury in 2012, which provided me with many happy years working with wonderful clients, and honing my craft.

I have also worked with children, running a relaxation class for children and young people on the autistic spectrum for around 4 years. I have worked in schools as a relax kids’ coach and put on workshops in arts spaces.

I have assisted on several wellbeing workshops, including a mobile wellbeing space that toured around Greater Manchester.

I have worked as a therapist on retreat in Ibiza and at festivals and events, and run meditation sessions in a variety of settings.

Creating the Super Nature Essences has been one of my greatest joys, and I realise how many people I can help by sending these little bottles out into the world. Slowly essences have become the priority, and I am currently no longer offering individual healing sessions. My focus is spreading these powerful potions far and wide, to help as many people as possible. Having published my first book Messages From The Bach Flower Remedies: An Oracle Book, I am enjoying my new role as a writer and look forward to writing more in the future.


Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage (2011)

Reiki First Degree (2012)

Diploma of Holistic Reflexology (2012)

Relax Kids Coach (2012)

Reiki Second Degree (2012)

Crystal Healing (2012)

Reiki Master Practitioner Degree (2016)

Reiki Master Teacher Degree (2016)

Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner (2020)

Meditation Teacher (2020)

Reiki Drum (2020)

Sleep Consultant Diploma (2021)

Shamanic Womb Healer (2022)

Chalice Well Essences Accredited Practitioner

Member of The British Flower and Vibrational Essence Assosiation (BFVEA)

Member of The British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP)

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About Studio Super Nature

CURRENTLY THE SUPER NATURE ESSENCES ARE TAKING OVER!! So not all of my services are available. To keep updated, please follow me on social media where I will inform you of any pop up events or 1-1s I offer. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or you'd like me to get involved at your event.

I have wanted to have my own space for some time, and that opportunity came up for me as lockdown, due to Covid happened. A space was becoming available on Beltane (May 1st 2020). It seemed like a questionable time to open a new space when everything else was closing down, however intuitively I knew it was the right next step for me. The world was changing rapidly, and I wanted to provide a space to help people restore, recover, and release the new stresses we find ourselves with. To help people transform into a place of strength and resilience with as much support, ease and grace as possible.

Studio Super Nature is a space in AWOL studios, in Hope Mill, Anocats, just on the edge of Manchester city centre. Hope Mill is a grade II listed building, built in 1824. It was originally a cotton spinning and fustian weaving mill.  The mill is a great space filled with artists, photographers, music studios, tattoo parlours, a model agency, and other wonderfully creative businesses. It is also home to Hope Mill Theatre. For me this was an ideal space as I could continue my work as a therapist, surrounded by the creative arts which is my other love.

Ancoats is filled with Victorian mills and is one of the most industrial landscape in the country. It has recently been redeveloped (and renamed by some as New Islington), and is now full of independent businesses, bars, and restaurants.

My aim with Super Nature was to create a little portal to nature right in the middle of this urban, industrial area. To help people connect with the energies of nature and all the wonder and healing they bring, whilst being in the middle of the city. By using a combination of therapies, flower and vibrational essences and meditation, I hoped to provide a holistic experience and immersion in using all the natural tools we have available to us.

I hope to help people discover their own connection to their nature and discover the Super Nature resources we have both within and around us.

Over time, having developed the Super Nature Essences, Studio Super Nature has evolved from being a therapy space, to a magical bottling factory! The essences are created in nature and bottled in Manchester, with great care and love. Currently I am not having visitors to the studio, but this may change and evolve, so follow me on social media for further developments!

About: About Us
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