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Flower and Vibrational Essences

What Are Flower and Vibrational Essences?:

Vibrational Essences are liquid solutions made of the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals, and other natural sources. They are most often taken orally and have a therapeutic effect on our personalities – supporting, strengthening, and empowering us so we are able to function at our optimum level. They awaken, resolve, and transform our emotional/mental attitudes or inner disharmony, enhancing our well-being on many levels.

Using vibrational essences is a growing and transformational modality that offers so much potential to support us in our modern world. Essences are safe for children, animals, the unwell, and the elderly, and are very versatile in their use. 


Essences can be taken orally with drops under the tongue, or in a small glass of water. They can also be mixed with essential oils and base oil or cream to be used on the skin. You can also use them within spray bottles to spray around your body or within a space. Essences can be used to enhance meditation or other healing modalities.

Flower essences are sometimes confused with essential oils, however flower essences are odourless and just contain the energetic infusion of the plant, mineral etc.

The History of Essences:

Flower and vibrational essences have existed throughout history in various forms. There are accounts of people collecting dew from plants as remedies and tonics. Perhaps the most well known and relevant to today’s world though is the pioneer Dr. Edward Bach. He qualified as a doctor in 1912 and worked as a surgeon in Harley Street. He was a bacteriologist and pathologist and researched vaccines. He suffered his own health problems which inspired him further to learn what could help the human condition.

During his studies he became frustrated at the way doctors were encouraged to study diseases rather than look at the whole person. He started looking for a more holistic approach and began working with homeopathy, where he began to understand the parallels between homeopathy and vaccines.

This led him on to beginning to discover the Bach flower Remedies. These were essences, that he developed, eventually creating 38 individual remedies. Each remedy assists in balancing a personality type or emotional state. He also created the well-known Rescue Remedy, which was a combination essence of 5 remedies.

Since then many essence producers have created a wide variety of different essences, all with a different energy signature. I work with a variety of ranges as I find different ones can provide a catalyst for different circumstances.

The healing benefits of using essences:

Essences can be taken for a wide range of reasons. They can help you shift out of negative states, into more positive ones. They can focus in on particular issues you want to focus on, or look at more of a general way you would like to feel. You can use them for specific reasons, for example, helping you achieve a goal, or recovery from a bereavement, but then can also be used in a more general way. Basically, if there is an emotional state you would like to change, or a new way of feeling you would like to experience within your life, essences can help shift your state into that more positive place. This can then go on to having a knock-on effect where you may experience real lasting change within your life. Below are just some of the thing’s essences can help with (although the list is endless!)

  • Stress, anxiety, upset and distress

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Focus

  • Low mood

  • Peace

  • Joy

  • Inner guidance and connection within meditation

  • Spiritual development

  • Enhanced energy

  • Emotional balance

  • Releasing and letting go

  • Empowerment

  • Relationship issues

  • Walking your path of joy and fulfilment

  • Dealing with change

  • Tension and strain

  • Protection from negativity

  • Strengthening and resilience

  • Shock

  • Moving through grief

  • Support through chronic health conditions

  • Moving through blocks

  • Enhanced creativity

Please do note though that essences are not a cure for any physical conditions. By transforming our energy, this may have a knock-on effect to our physical health, however essences are to support you in transformation, rather than to “cure” you. I would always advise you to contact a medical professional if you had health concerns.

If you feel essences may help you and you want to enquire, please do contact me if you want to find out more, or visit the shop to order.

Essence services I offer:

Currently I am not doing individual consultations, although I may offer pop ups in the future. If you wish for me to work at your event or retreat, either with the Super Nature Essences, or using a wide variety of essences please get in touch!

You'll mostly find me roaming through nature, or at holistic, mind, body spirit, and wellbeing events sharing the Super Nature Essences! Follow me on socail media to find out where I'll be!

Essences I work with:

Chalice Well Essences

Bach Flower Essences

Wild Earth Animal Essences

Wild Heart Animal Essences

Alaskan Essences

Findhorn Essences

Orchid Essences

Pacific Essences

Chakra Essences

(There are other ranges I may be called to work with, if it seems appropriate, however these are the main ones I stock)

How to Take Flower Essences:

Essences can be taken in many ways. You can get really creative and intuitive in how to use them. The most common way is from a dropper bottle and taking them under the tongue, or added to water. Dosage can vary and that will be recommended after a consultation, whether online or in person.

They can be combined with essential oils and used in a spray to use in a space or around your body, be used in creams, added to massage oils, even added to cleaning products or paints! We can work together creatively to see how you can enhance your life in a variety of ways.

Visit the shop to order

My Journey With Flower Essences:

Essences are transformational tools for healing. They are incredibly safe and gentle, yet the results can be powerful, profound and lasting. It is probably the thing that lights me up more than anything, I find working with essences like an artform, weaving vibrations together to provide the best possible conditions to create a catalyst for positive change and relief from suffering.

I first came across essences as a child. My mum used to give me rescue remedy when I was upset or had bad asthma (alongside my medication). I felt noticeable different and always felt better. As I grew up it seemed common for peers to take it for exams, driving lessons etc, it was quite a normal product you could buy at Boots.

As my interest grew, I began to become aware of the full Bach range and other popular brands, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Alaskan Essences etc. Being quite sensitive, as I took them, I felt immediate change within my energy and recognised the value of these tiny bottles of what appeared to be just water and brandy.

Over the years I have studied flower essences with various teachers, not knowing exactly where it would lead, but just knowing it was something I was meant to do. In 2011, when studying for my Holistic Reflexology diploma, we were taught about the Bach Flower Remedies and how to prescribe them for clients, and use within the creams applied to the feet within a session. My interest deepened when I went on a day course with Jackie Stewart of Flower Spirit, to make my own essence, and it felt like I had found a big part of my path and purpose. The process was beautiful… watching, listening, feeling, and truly communicating with a little patch of tiny flowers. It provided me with the perfect support of the personal challenges I was facing at the time. I was also taken aback by the words that flowed through me while making the essence. I wrote such wisdom regarding the life lessons in front of me, and it truly helped me to move through my process.

I also attended seminars with Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences and Daniel Mapel of Wild Earth Animal Essences. These helped me to drop into the depth and complexity of essences, yet marvel at their simplicity. I also began to understand the different processes and method to their creation, and the unique style of each maker. I learnt that essences could be made from a wide range of natural vibrations including plants, animals, crystals, environments….. Basically, even a moment in time can have its atmosphere captured and bottled!

Eventually I was lucky enough to find myself on the Flower and Vibrational Essence Advanced Practitioner Training at Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury. This was possibly the most beautiful (although not always easy!) time of my life. I learnt the power of the collective environment, how the supporting energies of the whole garden can contribute to the energy of the essence. I studied with Natasha Wardle of Chalice Well Essences, Casey Jon of Wild Heart Animal Essences and Sophie Knock of Wild Medicine Flower Essences. I learnt so much on this course and felt my life learning and understanding all started to come together. As much as I love working as a therapist, there is something particularly magical about essences that brings me so much joy.

I wrote the book Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies: An Oracle Bookin 2016, finally having it published in 2023. This was a deepening in how I can communicate with nature, and the essences, and the wisdom they have to share.

Early in 2021, the Super Nature Essences were released into the world and have been supporting many people since. It has been a pleasure being their assistant and getting to witness the change they are making in people's lives. I am constantly amazed by the power in these tiny bottles, and how they manage to provide such transformation, in the most gentle and easy way!

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