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Peace Space and Aura Spray

Peace Space and Aura Spray

Super Nature Space and Aura Sprays combine the healing energies of Super Nature Essences, with the beautiful fragrances of pure essential oils. Each blend of oils has been chosen to highlight and harmonise with the energies of each essence, giving you the experience of relaxing, releasing and expanding into the energies and aromas.


Peace Space and Aura Spray is a calming, peaceful, stilling and settling blend of lavender, peppermint and ylang ylang pure essential oils, with Peace Essence.


100ml Spray Bottle


This essence brings the deepest vibrations of peace. A sense of stillness wherever you are. It settles the storm, allows calm in the chaos, finds solace in your situation.


Inner peace is a feeling you can connect to whatever circumstances you find yourself in. It is not necessarily easy, but it is possible. By taking Peace Essence, you invite this possibility in and are supported in finding the stillness you seek.


Peace Essence can aid you in deepening your meditation, allowing you to drop into greater levels of peace, quieting the noise and allowing you to access the true presence that is you.


It can help after a shock, or during times of emotional turbulence. By introducing the energy of peace, you can soften into your experience, and meet your reality or situation from a more peaceful place.


It can also assist with past traumas, dissolving their impact on our energy, and helping you move towards healing and finding peace.

Peace Essence can help during or after conflict, helping to calm heightened emotions so you can view relationships, interactions, and circumstances from a more peaceful, balanced place. It can help soothe you during sensory overload and settle overwhelm.


Peace Essence has the energy of standing on a snowy mountain top with the peace and clarity of a deep blue sky. Rising above, finding peace and stillness, and viewing the world from a calm perspective.


Super Nature Space and Aura Sprays


  • Spray in a room to lift the energy
  • Spray around your body to lift your energy
  • Shake before use


Spray around your aura to reset, release, refresh and uplift your energy. Take a few moments to feel the mist slowly infuse through your energy, whilst inhaling the aromatic symphony.


Spray in a room, or space to transform the energy, whilst indulging in the lasting, natural fragrances of essential oils, as it fills the room. Use before a meditation session, a yoga class, or if you need a refresh at home or work. Use whenever you need to call in your Super Nature!



    £3.50 P&P

    Delivered by Royal Mail

    Estimated delivery time 3-10 days

    Currently UK only


    100ml bottle



    Pure Essential Oils (lavender, peppermint and ylang ylang)

    Peace Essence


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