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Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies:

An Oracle Book

Written By Helen Scott, Founder of Super Nature


The Bach Flower Remedies share their wisdom within the pages of Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies, an oracle of nature’s guidance towards growth and transformation, into greater ease, peace and authenticity.

This book contains the wisdom from all 38 of the Bach Flower Remedies, and can be used as a companion to taking the remedies, a tool to get to know them intimately, or an oracle to assist you through life’s journey. Created to give the Bach flowers a voice. Listen to the messages they have for you.

Ways to read Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies:

  • As an oracle book, open the page at random and see which remedy presents itself to you.

  • As a book of wisdom, direct from the flowers themselves to assist you through the human journey of life. Guidance on resistance you may encounter, and how to overcome it.

  • As a companion to the Bach flower remedies. Read alongside taking the remedies to deepen your experience and healing.

  • As a reference book to learn and understand the remedies and their essence on a deeper level, creating an intimate understanding of the remedies.

  • As a journey through the traits and characteristics we share as humans, and the guidance of how to transform them into strengths and wisdom.

  • As a companion for meditation and inspiration.

The Bach Flower Remedies are flower essences created in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach. These gentle, yet powerful remedies have been providing emotional healing and support for people around the world ever since.

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I'm so proud that this book is out in the world and I've been thrilled how the wisdom of the essences within it's pages have been supporting people with their path. This book was written by taking the essences and letting the wisdom flow out onto the page, so it is my belief it is a book from the plants, and like the essences, I am nature's assistant. It's a joy to work alongside nature, and supporting people to get back in touch and reconnect with their own Super Nature.

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Written by Helen Scott

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