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Love Essence

Love Essence

Experience love. Deep, warm, gentle love, radiating into all areas of your being.


Love is an energy. Love is always present. Love can be our experience, although often it feels out of reach.


Taking Love Essence can allow us to love ourselves. Love our body, our being, our personality and all those messy parts that make us human. Helping us to soften towards ourselves and access self-compassion and self-love. We deserve to love ourselves! We deserve love!


It can bring the energy of love into our relationships. In all relationships. Deepening our love in romantic relationships, calling love to family relations, friends, our spiritual connection, and the greater community. Allowing us to fall in love with our environment and the wider world. It can also assist in helping us with the difficult relationships. Allowing us to heal from toxic relationships, and where there is separation. When we are not meant to reunite, but we can look back from a place of love. Or maybe to assist us in moving away from unloving situations that block us from the true experience of love.


The warmth from the love of this essence infuses within our body and energy, allowing us to relax and drop into love. To drop into our heart and encourage it to bloom and open, expressing love and receiving it. Sharing love. Dissolving barriers to love, dissolving hurt in the heart and letting love in. Cherishing ourselves, others, and the world we live in. To fall deeper and deeper into the energy of love.


Love heals, love restores, love cares, love nurtures, love is our nature.


30ml dropper bottle


Super Nature Vibrational Essences


Super Nature Vibrational Essences are co-created with nature, to bring beautiful, healing, transformative energies into your energy system and life. They aim to get to the core of the energy you wish to introduce, inviting these powerful vibrations into your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Created in nature, often within powerful sacred sites, these essences combine the energies of trees, plants, flowers, the environment, and the moment itself. Sometimes created in a moment, sometimes on a pilgrimage, each essence has a beautifully balanced energy, created to work uniquely  with each individual, whatever stage they are on their journey.


How to use Super Nature Essences:


Dropper bottle:

  • RECOMMENDED: 4 drops under the tongue up to 4 times a day (or when required)
  • Add to drinks or water bottle
  • Add 11 drops to a bath
  • Add a few drops to toiletries
  • Add to paints to add Super Nature energies to your creations
  • Use your imagination… add to cooking, juices, cacoa, foot baths….


Super Nature Essences can be taken in a multitude of ways. They are designed to be taken straight from the bottle and are most effective when taken by themselves. The essences can be added to a combination bottle, but to get their full effectiveness it is recommended to be taken on their own. You can get creative with how you use your essences, check out the examples above, however taken simply often is most effective. You can use other essences alongside them, just give a gap before you do.

The first few times you take them, we recommend that you take a few minutes to sit with the essence, as it infuses through your energy. Occasionally the essences can bring a lot of movement to your energy, however this always settles down after a minute or two. These potions can be powerful! Take them on the go, before and during meditation, or when you are feeling out of sorts and want a boost of Super Nature. Experiment with how they feel, depending on what you are doing.

Vibrational essences are completely safe to use with no contraindications. They can be taken alongside medication and other treatments. They do contain brandy, so are not suitable for people with allergies to alcohol. When taking in drop form, the alcohol content is very low, so children can take the essences.




    £3.50 P&P

    Delivered by Royal Mail

    Estimated delivery time 3-10 days

    Currently UK only


    30ml bottle



    Vibrational Essence

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