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Transform Space and Aura Spray

Transform Space and Aura Spray

Super Nature Space and Aura Sprays combine the healing energies of Super Nature Essences, with the beautiful fragrances of pure essential oils. Each blend of oils has been chosen to highlight and harmonise with the energies of each essence, giving you the experience of relaxing, releasing and expanding into the energies and aromas.


Transform Space and Aura Spray is a healing, transformative, shifting and supportive blend of black pepper, juniper berry and lemon pure essential oils, with Peace Essence.


100ml Spray Bottle


To assist with the transformation of the human energy field.


The Transform Vibrational Essence is a healing tool for our time. Its very nature is to transform and shift what is ready to move into its more optimal position. It works on all levels of the human energy field, system or aura including:


Chakras inside and outside the body


Physical. emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the aura

Our blueprint patterns

The kundalini energy and pathways

Your connection to earth and spirit

Your connection from the spiritual to the physical body


This essence works by itself helping you sculpt and shift your system with ease. It also helps you with healing, meditation, or therapies to help assist you to transform and move forward with a gentle grace. As you transform on any level, this essence supports and enhances the transition.


The transform essence works intelligently with your system, to give you the healing support you most need, at the moment you take it.


Super Nature Space and Aura Sprays


  • Spray in a room to lift the energy
  • Spray around your body to lift your energy
  • Shake before use


Spray around your aura to reset, release, refresh and uplift your energy. Take a few moments to feel the mist slowly infuse through your energy, whilst inhaling the aromatic symphony.


Spray in a room, or space to transform the energy, whilst indulging in the lasting, natural fragrances of essential oils, as it fills the room. Use before a meditation session, a yoga class, or if you need a refresh at home or work. Use whenever you need to call in your Super Nature!



    £3.50 P&P

    Delivered by Royal Mail

    Estimated delivery time 3-10 days

    Currently UK only


    100ml bottle



    Pure Essential Oils (black pepper, juniper berry, lemon)

    Transform Essence


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