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Welcome to the Super Nature Website.

Home of the Super Nature Vibrational Essences and Space and Aura Sprays. Take a look around, and you'll be able to find out more about the essences, and buy some from my online shop! Flower and Vibrational Essences can be a powerful, safe and easy to use ally in helping you heal and transform towards your best life. The Super Nature Essences have been crafted with great love and care, and have been offering people energetic support from all walks of life. 

The aim of Super Nature, ultimately is to help you find and walk your most joyful, fulfilling path. To help you find relaxation and release, and to empower and inspire. We offer many tools that can help you through the challenges of life, and navigate them with a greater ease and grace. To assist you in working through any past experiences that are holding you back from living your potential in the present.

By tuning into our own Super Nature, and enhancing our journeys with assistance from the Super Nature around us, we can feel a greater sense of connection in our lives, enhanced intuition, more balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, feel a deeper sense of security and comfort in our place in the world, be supported in making positive changes that improve our own lives and that of the community around us. We can strengthen our resilience, and recover with a gentle grace from the traumas life can throw at us. Super Nature can help us to move into living with our hearts, opening ourselves to deeper levels of compassion, kindness and understanding towards ourselves and those we share our lives with.

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Super Nature Essences

Super Nature Vibrational Essences are co-created with nature, to bring beautiful, healing, transformative energies into your energy system and life. They aim to get to the core of the energy you wish to introduce, inviting these powerful vibrations into your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

Created in nature, often within powerful sacred sites, these essences combine the energies of trees, plants, flowers, the environment, and the moment itself. Sometimes created in a moment, sometimes on a pilgrimage, each essence has a beautifully balanced energy, created to work uniquely with each individual, whatever stage they are on their journey.

Studio Super Nature

A portal to nature in the middle of industrial Manchester, Super Nature's home is a beautiful, nature infused, healing studio, based at AWOL studios in Hope Mill, Ancoats. Beginning as a therapy space, and now where the Super Nature Essences are bottled. The essences are created in nature, then bottled in Ancoats, Manchester.

Read more about Super Nature here.


Flower and Vibrational Essences

Flower and Vibrational Essences are at the heart of Super Nature, and incorporated into all we do. Bringing the healing energies of nature to you whenever, and wherever you are. Helen Scott, the founder of Super Nature Essences is an Advanced Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner, member of BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association) and BAFEP (British Association of Flower Essence Producers).

Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies: An Oracle Book

Written by Helen Scott, Founder of Super Nature

The Bach Flower Remedies share their wisdom within the pages of Messages From the Bach Flower Remedies, an oracle of nature’s guidance towards growth and transformation, into greater ease, peace and authenticity.

This book contains the wisdom from all 38 of the Bach Flower Remedies, and can be used as a companion to taking the remedies, a tool to get to know them intimately, or an oracle to assist you through life’s journey. Created to give the Bach flowers a voice. Listen to the messages they have for you.

Click here to buy your signed copy!

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Hope Mill, Pollard Street, Manchester M4 7JA, UK


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